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This report is a follow-up to a prior article interviewing Alumni from Full Sail University about what it takes to find a job through your personal network. In today’s job market, owners seek to hire employees with vast experience in order to give them a full-time job with benefits and a cushy office chair. For the many recent graduates with knowledge but little to no work experience, starting at a non-paid internship isn’t an option.

There’s been a trend happening in the down economy for people who are unemployed to create a startup business. This can be an attractive option because the business owner can start in a higher titled position and create a business that makes a difference in the world that matches their passions. writes about how the millennial generation is in college for entrepreneurial studies more now than ever before.

Why everyone will have to become an entrepreneur: Infographic.

When interviewing James Deter Jr., Founder and CEO of a startup company for mobile games called Bigglesworth Studios, states that he decided to study Entrepreneurship for his Master’s degree because he couldn’t hold a job long enough to gain work experience in today’s down economy. He discovered what others are doing to create their own business with innovative ideas within the disruptive technologies within the video game industry. Deter says, “I mean, essentially all you need is a MacBook and a WiFi connection and you can have a company. If you know you have the passion for it. So, I saw what they were doing and I wanted to duplicate it but on my own terms.”

Slideshow of Bigglesworth Team

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