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If you watch shows online, on the television or through streaming services, this survey is for you. It’s a part of an ongoing investigation about where the future of television is heading by asking you what your habits are today. There was once a thought that television would be replaced with online viewing. The manufactures of television decided to make the home watching experience have movie quality that blows away the competition of Internet and mobile phone viewing. Although the 3D TV wasn’t as popular as they had hoped, a new 4K TV with a curved shape has now entered the market. This has created a demand for the streaming content, cable and VOD to work well with the new digital smart TV sets.

Social media has changed the way we find out about what’s going on in our community. Twitter and Facebook often are ways people receive their news today. However, according to Accenture’s report, TV is here to stay. Social media has become an enhancement to the viewer’s experience and increases engagement. Here’s a YouTube video about social TV apps for Twitter from Accenture. Twitter is the best way to obtain measurable data of television viewers today. It’s also a way for fans to directly interact with celebrities who chose to use Twitter to build a fan base.

Entertainment has changed since the dawn of the Digital Age. Consumers have a variety of options of the devices they can use to connect with their favorite entertainment. This survey asks four basic questions about a viewer’s habits of how they’re accessing their entertainment.

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Thank you for being a part of my investigative report about the future of the television industry. You can read more about what’s happening in television tech here:

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