Details & Pricing

Multimedia Content Services 

Custom Logo Design: $245

  • Three final design options to choose from
  • Up to three rounds of changes
  • Deliver file types for print and web use 

Logo Designs

Collateral + Social Media Design: $50 per hour

  • Three final design options to choose from
  • Up to three rounds of changes
  • Brochures, flyers, post cards, business cards, infographics, and posters
  • $50 retainer fee up front and remainder payment due paid upon delivery 

Custom Presentation Design: $399

  • Three final template design options to choose from
  • Up to three rounds of changes
  • PowerPoint and Keynote file formats 
  • Up to 50 slides; each additional slide $4


Editorial Photography: $99 per hour

  • Events and food for website and social media content
  • High resolution digital images delivered 
  • Includes color correction
  • Delivered via online file transfer 
  • You own all photos (200-300 images per session)

Online Media Small Budget Cost

  • Goal is to produce low cost videos for your business with a budget of $850.
  • Videos are all about keeping a very strict production schedule. From beginning to end, the entire production needs to take us less than a day to create the video. With a 1-hour video shoot following a 3-step storytelling process for testimonials. By asking a string of questions leading to answers that essentially create the script on its own, then edit everything together.
  • To ensure staying on budget, you relinquish creative control to editor and trust I will deliver a video that’s on-message. You do not get a script to approve or a preview video that allows you to ask for changes in the final video.
  • This cuts down on a lot of the time it takes me in post-production. If you would like editorial control in one of these low cost videos, I recommend the full-service storytelling instead. Taking into consideration each of those phases: concept planning, pre-production, video shoot, and post-production… most projects take 3-4 days to complete, costing about $4,000 – $5,000.

Budget Breakdown:

  • Day Rate video shooting (1 hour) $150
  • Video editing (3 min video) $200
  • Producer rate (storyboard, video graphics for bumper and lower thirds) $300
  • Music License purchase (per video) $50
  • Photography (on location and includes color correction) $100
  • Social media scheduling one video (writing post copy, schedule post and monitor/engagement with post comments) $50

Total: $850

$50 Branding Analysis 

Start the process today by filling out this form and sending your payment info via PayPal. I will deliver your results within one business week. The results will provide you with a CMYK and RGB break down of your brand colors, the main and sub fonts, icons and textures. These results are used for all of your visual projects for any artist working on them. For example, do you need new business cards and a website but you have different people working on them? Provide your branding style guide to both of them to ensure your brand matches for both the business card and your website design perfectly. 

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