Jessica Simpson – Photo Credit: cliff1066™ via Compfight Link cc

Jessica Simpson – Photo Credit: cliff1066™

Secrets to Celebrity Fashion Designers Finding Success 

It takes more than being famous to have success in the fashion industry. The importance of being known publicly has a direct link to the success of a designer’s fashion line. However, the secrets for celebrity fashion designers to finding success with their fashion design collections are three fold. They require the designer’s full attention in the fashion industry, it must match their celebrity brand image, and reduce high expectations from the media by staying quite until the line is launched.

Celebrity Fashion Designers Gain Success by Staying Focused on Fashion

Allison Mariotti, at The Daily Orange website, reports that Victoria Beckham, a former singer, and the Olsens, former actresses, abandoned their careers to focus on their fashion creations. It may seem that the trend of fashion collections headed by celebrities would have instant success. However, it takes dedication to the fashion team and great personal style for longevity in the fashion industry. Mariotti’s advice for celebrities is to stick to what they’re good at, either it’s being an entertainer or it’s designing clothes.

The Celebrity Personal Brand Image is Key

Alecia Murphy, from Hub Pages website, says the success of celebrity fashion designers depends on their brand credibility. Celebrities have found success by matching their fashion style with their celebrity character personal brand package. This is a key to success in marketing for the longevity of their fashion collections. A few celebrities that have done well with matching their fashion collection to their personal brand are Jessica SimpsonRussell Simmons, and Beyonce. Simpson’s first success was with a line of shoes and grew into a multimillion-dollar empire by dressing women in everyday clothing looks. Her shoes and clothes make you feel like you were borrowing something from Simpson’s personal closet. Simmons is a businessman in the hip-hop industry and meshes the two parts of his personal brand into his fashion line. Beyonce keeps true to her personal brand by naming the family business after her family members from three generations.

Why Celebrity Clothes Designs Fail in the Fashion Industry

According to Colleen Nika, a writer for the Rolling Stone website, says that celebrity, Kanya West, was not successful in the fashion industry because he wasn’t focused on a central theme for his line. In addition, West received high expectations from the market due too much hype about his fashion line in the media. West hired a team of top designers, which overwhelmed him with different innovative ideas, versus focusing on a brand extension of his celebrity persona or his own personal style. In contrast, Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. label is successful because her style matches who she is as a musician. She targets her music fans that want to be like her so they can wear the hottest gear to their local concert venue or hot nightclub.

Infographic: The Best and Worst of Celebrity Brand Clothing

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Infographic Credit:


According to the infographic, in 2013 the top selling fashion lines are Jessica SimpsonRoca-wearSean John, and Gwen Stafani. The worst celebrity bombed fashion lines include Jessica ParkerHeidi Montag, and Lauren Conrad.


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