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The Three Pieces to Employment


1. Networking Events.

The word is out, we know we need to network, but how exactly does networking work? website gives advice about going above handing out your business card and showing up feeling desperate. John Bennett, director of the Master of Science, says, “Research tells us that between 60 to 80 percent of jobs are found through personal relationships.” An HR magazine confirms, their poll results of the most popular way to get in touch with a job is through friends and relatives at 67 percent.


Events like the one held at The Cat & The Fiddler restaurant in Los Angeles, California for Full Sail University Alumni, can help students feel more comfortable meeting new people by having the common bond of graduating from the same university. The alumni networking events can be tapped into for the rest of your life. You can continue to see the same people as well as recent graduates. Recent graduates are often faced with the reality of being forced to live at home with their parents while job hunting. This is motivation enough to get out of a comfort zone.


2. Unemployment Rate Improving

California’s unemployment rate has been above the national average for the past several years. According to NPR’s podcast, California has historically had a higher unemployment rate above the national average as a whole due to several reasons. First California is a very large state that extends over the majority of the west coast. The population is also diverse.  Therefore, California is vulnerable to shifts in many different industries, particularly in construction. During the last recession there were hundreds of thousands of construction jobs lost during the housing crash.


California Unemployment Rates

  • Jun 2011 – 11.9%
  • Jun 2012 – 10.6%
  • Jun 2013 – 8.5%


National Unemployment Rates

  • Jun 2011 – 9.1%
  • Jun 2012 – 8.2%
  • Jun 2013 – 7.6%


California’s former governor explains another reason the unemployment rate is high is due to over population of retail space. Retail jobs recently dropped approximately 25,000 jobs. Local residents have discovered they have to go beyond the Internet to find employment. It’s more than social media networking as well. In an interview with Roger Green, of BNI, says that face-to-face networking is best and social media can support the friendship to build over time. Green suggests that spending six to eight hours a week on networking in person and online activities tends to show results.


3. Build Friendships

According to J.P. Hansen, author of The Bliss List: The Ultimate Guide To Living The Dream At Work And Beyond, recommends seeing yourself as a marketer of you. Go outside of your current network of friends and colleagues and meet new people in “career center, professors or alumni network”. Then take the time to know people for quality friendships by adding value to them before asking for help.


Alumni networking events provide graduates with the opportunity to improve their employment status by fostering professional relationships. The people who get out there and meet new people and build quality friendships will find a job that they like and work with people they enjoy working with.


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