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Photos by Jessica Northey located at Sha Chill Productions in Orlando, Florida 

Have you ever wondered what it takes to own a studio and work with artists on a variety of levels? In an interview with Sha Chill, he gives advice about how to prepare yourself for a successful recording session and career in the music industry.

Ingredients for a Good Song
According to Sha Chill

  • Structure
  • Vocal integrity
  • Sonic integrity
  • Lyrical integrity
  • Mixing
  • Mastering


Audio Interview with

Sedrek Childress aka Sha Chill

Music industry | Recording studio life | Advice for recording artists


Sha Chill Productions interview with Sha Chill, owner and producer. Photography by Jessica Northey

Sha Chill Productions interview with owner and producer: Sha Chill Photography by Jessica Northey


Childress Bio

In an interview with Sedrek “Sha Chill” Childress, owner and producer of Sha Chill Productions says, “I came to Full Sail and got my Recording & Sound Engineering degree. From there, I moved to Atlanta and worked in several different studios. I had the opportunity to work on Keith Sweat’s record, ‘The Rebirth’, with Alex Nesmith.”   Alex Nesmith is a Multi-Platinum Producer and Engineer.  Childress then goes on to say ”That record went three times Gold, 300,000, and it was a Blessing to be a part of that right out of Full Sail.”

Childress then went back to school and got a Bachelor degree in Music from Florida Atlantic University, which afforded him several opportunities, including working with several Multi-Platinum / Grammy Award Winning Engineers such as Jake Tanner and Alvin Speights.  He has also done collaborative work with Convict Music and Shady Aftermath.  And as far as International music, he has also worked on an album with Frankie Biggz, who is also Multi-Platinum Producer. That album got nominated for a Premios de la Musica, which is a significant music award in Spain.”

When asked about his other experiences in the music industry, Childress goes on to say that “I’ve also worked for 103.3 The Vibe, a leading Top 40 radio station in Daytona Beach, Florida.  He goes on to reflect that “I remember me being that artist trying to get on the radio. Now I moved all the way up to Music Director, right under the Program Director. It gave me a whole different outlook on radio and what’s really involved in the radio industry.”

Sha Chill’s Executive Producer Checklist

A must have for a successful album is to hire an Executive Producer who can offer:

  • Music Production at the Highest Industry Standard
  • Professional Songwriting Assistance
  • Vocal Coaching and Directing of the Vocalist
  • Vocal Production of the Harmonies and Melodies
  • Mixing at the Highest Industry Standard
  • Tuning and Editing of All Recorded Vocals with Surgical Precision
  • Mastering at the Highest Industry Standard


The Right MIX for Success

  • Build a fan base
  • Performing live shows
  • Social media
  • Digital distribution, such as TuneCore
  • Marketing and promoting
  • Making connections with radio stations


Mission: Winning Awards

Childress says, “Artists winning awards like the AMAs and the Grammy and things of that nature, is very, very important for an artist’s career. He goes on to say that even being in their publications and magazines is important. “I, myself, was in the 50th edition of the Grammy magazine. It’s very important for your peers to see those types of things. They’ll know your level of commitment. He goes on to say that it takes a lot of time to make a record, put it out there, and win an award for it.  But once you get those awards, all that time is going to pay off from the recognition. He says that “You’re adding value to your brand and now everybody sees that you won a Grammy or an AMA, now they want to be a part of what you have going on.”

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