Careers in Fashion. Infographic Credit: Jessica Northey

Careers in Fashion. Infographic Credit: Jessica Northey

There are several options for careers in the fashion industry. Often we are motivated by what the income is for job positions. Debra Auerback, writer for, provides the following national average pay scales for Fashionistas.





Fashion Career Average Salaires: 

  1. Retail salesperson $25,557
  2. Visual merchandiser $36,865
  3. Personal shopper $38,514
  4. Fashion photographer $52,499
  5. Fashion-focused public relations specialist $60,379
  6. Writer for fashion website, magazine or blog $60,493
  7. Stylist $66,986

To seek more information about fashion careers, an interview with Rachel Cox, a freelance Personal Stylist for clients in the Los Angeles area, states she helps create and design personal images for celebrities. She recommends starting out in retail for students in fashion school but to aim for high-end retail stores verses less fashionable attire retail stores. Cox states, “Working in retail can definitely put you in the mindset of what clients want from designers or as a buying experience. No one is a Fashionista because they work in a clothing store. Take the Kardashians for example, they’ve opened their own stores and have working relationships with designers and direct access to their demographic so, for business, they know both sides of the working force to appeal to a bigger market.”

Cox explains how starting out in the fashion industry in an internship is invaluable experience. The knowledge gained can be more overwhelming than college coursework. The team has a common goal and accomplishing the tasks is priority. Everyone starts out at the bottom to pay their dues to prove their passion for fashion.

Another important aspect is where the Fashionista expects to find employment for his or her career in fashion. Location is everything. Cox points out “Domestically, NYC, LA, Miami, they’re the fashion hubs. But include Milan, Paris, London, and you’ve conquered the world.” Research these fashion hubs to find out the best location where you’d enjoy living and working.

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