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For a follow up story to a previous article, called How Technology is Redefining Television refers to how YouTube is the best way for talent to build an audience and gain attention from major labels. In the video interview with Ethan Curtis, Studio Manager for Plush Recording Studios, he discusses the cause and effect of channels created on YouTube. It has changed the way people conduct business, engage with others, and connect globally.  Major conglomerates such as Disney has seen the value in YouTube channels. Walt Disney recently published a press release about their purchase of Makers Studios for $500 million and more depending on performance.

“With more than 55,000 channels, 380 million subscribers and 5.5 billion views per month on YouTube, Maker has established itself as the top online video network for Millennials. By acquiring Maker Studios, Disney will gain advanced technology and business intelligence capability regarding consumers’ discovery and interaction with short-form online videos, including Disney content.”

OVC infographic According to an article on, called A Look at the Rise of Online Video Studios & Who’s Leading: Machinima, Maker Studios, FullScreen and BigFramedescribes the functions of online video studios. They have an important role in assisting content creators with branding and development to increase income and their audience. They provide the creators access to production equipment and promotional services. Some studios assist creators with rapid increase of YouTube channel subscriptions. In addition, the studios seek product placement, sponsorships, and branded entertainment opportunities for their clients. For example, advertising is more effective to have a web series than a trailer or 30 second commercial and that’s where talent can earn income by being sponsored by an online video studio. For example, Warner Bros. video game built a marketing campaign through a web series called Mortal Kombat: Legacy through Machinima Studios. Watch this video to learn more about their monetization model for Machinima in an interview with CEO, Allen Debevoise.

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