In April 2012, I went to visit Los Angeles and I met with Jason Blanchard for an interview at cafe Aroma on Tujunga Ave in Studio City, California. Blanchard was recommended to network with from a Course Director from Full Sail University. After the interview, my school posted the article on their student portal websites. I’ve provided the image of that interview as well as the full interview text included below.

JasonsInterview (1)

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  • Jumna

    Hello Liz! Thank you for your comments. The suvery that I referenced was conducted in a webinar I presented titled . I asked participants to choose which of the four key elements of trust is most important to them in building trust: 1) Demonstrating Competence someone being good at what he/she does, 2) Acting with Integrity being honest in word & deed, 3) Caring about Others showing care & compassion, or 4) Maintaining Reliability doing what they say they’ll do.The highest ranked choice was Acting with Integrity at 57% followed by Maintaining Reliability as the second most important (Demonstrating Competence and Caring about Others were roughly split in half). If you have the time, I’d recommend viewing the recording of the webinar.Take care,Randy

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