Inno Combs with Inno25 Shades in Orlando, Florida.

Inno Combs with Inno25 Shades in Orlando, Florida.

The Inno25 Shades Story

The entertainment industry is a tough beast to conquer and those who do all have one thing in common. They have a strong personal brand that matches who they are and what they represent as an individual in order to stand out. The products they represent are a way of marketing their career in music, radio, film and television. Read more about the topic at, it compares marketing gurus to music legends. There are interesting parallels between marketers and musicians, which are identified in this article about personal branding.

Below is an audio interview with a hip hop artist and entrepreneur, Inno Combs, who set out to start branding himself through his favorite pair of sunglasses. He created Inno25 Shades about 2 months ago in Orlando, Florida.

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Inno Combs wearing his new line of sunglasses in Orlando, Florida.

Inno Combs wearing his new line of sunglasses in Orlando, Florida.

Future Plans

Inno25 Shades will be starting a crowd funding campaign in the near future. You can signup for the newsletter on the website to stay informed if you’d like to support their production growth. Comb’s goal for Inno25 Shades is to sell the glasses at Sunglass Hut. Combs says, “We are building and looking for highly motivated…passionate people that sees the vision that we share. We give people the opportunity to cash in with us.” Inno Combs and the investors of Inno25 Shades work together to choose colors, branding and quality.


Combs says, “If I’m successful, I want to keep growing into the world of fashion…I’ve been offered to make Inno25 shirts by someone that designs t-shirts, that loved our movement, that reached out to us from New York City. So, that’s something I’m very, very passionate about, which is growing and coming out with new designs. We’re gonna come up with different designs for the glasses…customized, where people can change colors, mix and match, do all types of things. We want to branch out to all different types of apparel.”

Pink 2-toned glasses chillin in Winter Park, FL.

Pink 2-toned glasses chillin in Florida

Personal Branding and Music Marketing

Another way Inno Combs creates his personal brand is by reaching out to his fans and audience. You can watch his live performance at the House of Blues here. His passion for entertaining hip-hop lovers is seen during his performances as he rocks the stage, reaches out to the crowd and engages his audience. Read more about how important personal branding is for musicians by tapping into their unique gifts at

Combs says, “I’m going to wear my shades inside, outside, when I get married, I’m gonna wear my shades everywhere. I’m gonna have all type of colors so I hope my fans and supporters can defiantly keep up with me. I would like to say thank you Jessica C. Northey for always supporting and looking out. And thank you for everyone that has supported Inno25 because if it was not for you supporting, this would not be possible.”

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