Foster Care in Los Angeles

Family Treez Productions

Family Treez Productions.

This is photo essay with audio about growing up in the foster care system in Los Angeles, Calif. Dameon D. Pichetrungsi, of Family Treez Productions, shares his story in order to bring awareness to what it’s like for a child who grew up in foster care. He has lived in over twenty group homes since he was two years old. Yet, his home in his heart is in Pasadena, Calif.

In this photo tour around the foster care home called the Journey House, located in Pasadena. Pichetrungsi shares stories about where he grew up. He also works with the Journey House to give back to the youth. Pichetrungsi has become a writer and has children of his own. He took his negative experiences and learned to use them as his motivation to improve his life. This story has hope and encourages youth they can overcome their challenges in diversity.



Music intro credits:

Broken Bridges – D. Pichetrungsi. Performed by – Mista RuL.A. and Kampaign. Produced by Kenny Laboriel
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