Capital Cities performed live with Said The Whale at The Grove’s 2013 Summer Concert Series in Los Angeles on July 24, 2013. Video credit: Jessica Northey

2013 Summer Concert Series at The Grove in Los Angeles, California

On July 24, 2013, Said The Whale and Capital Cities both performed live in The Park at The Grove L.A. The Backstreet Boys will be performing on July 31st. The video covers the Los Angeles, California community attending a free event of live music performances at The Grove, located at 189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles, California 90036 (map).


Free community events, like the Summer Concert Series, provide an increase in social capital. Management Alternatives website defines social capital as eight distinct elements. “Participation in local community, proactivity in a social context, feelings of trust and safety, neighborhood connections, family and friends connections, tolerance of diversity, value of life, and work connections.” Community events, like the free event at The Grove, increases social capital. Studies prove practical evidence through observation of five different communities. The research states that, “It is not located within the individual person or within the social structure, but in the space between people.”


It’s beneficial to learn about social capital and why it’s positive to support your local community. The Journal of Community Psychology research shows a main benefit of free community events, “…is an increased sense of trust of neighbors, which may have resulted from the new acquaintances and friendships developed from attending a community event. Parents learn about and are empowered to access resources that can immediately and eventually improve their circumstances.” Communities can increase their quality of life by making friends with neighbors during local events.

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