jessica c. northey – sunshine state.

Photography by Mandy Sewell

Jessica Corren Northey (Media Kit) has a background in print and digital design for marketing and advertising agencies for over fifteen years as a Multimedia Artist. This website is for entertainment business professionals and fans alike. She has experience working with clients such as Coca-Cola, The Cheesecake Factory, Baskin-Robbins and moreHer hobbies are photography, blogging and loves music. Independent artists have more access to reach people to build their own career now more than ever before. However, they have little business training. Jessica is passionate about helping those who are pursing a career related to the arts and entertainment to share their story. She says, “If I never learned how to play an instrument, took art classes, and learned to dance as a young child, I wouldn’t have developed into the creative career I have today.” This blog includes articles covering topics about business advice, entertainment related topics, event reviews, and news packed with interviews with industry experts. It’s also a great way for business executives to read about tips about working in the new media, tech driven and highly creative industry. Jessica’s website and podcasts provide benefits to assist talent and business professionals working in the entertainment industry.

Graduated from Full Sail University as an Advanced Achiever and several other awards for Entertainment Business bachelor’s program. Following with a master’s degree in New Media Journalism. 


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