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The Jingle Eve Event.

Brought to you by Ivanhoe Village Main Street Program.

Sponsored by Barefoot Wines. This is the 17th Jingle Eve!


The Jingle Eve 2013 Event Slideshow

The Jingle Eve 2013 Wine Stroll Event is a neighborhood celebration of small businesses in a growing community in Orlando, Florida. It included 12 ‘Wine Stops’ at a variety of shops within Ivanhoe Village. Festivities included food trucks, vendors, artist booths, entertainment, music, a boat show and Santa’s Workshop.

Scottie Campbell, Executive Director of Ivanhoe Village Main Street, describes what the non-profit organization is about. “It was founded on the mission to revitalize, and enable the neighborhood (residents and businesses) to be a healthier, more vibrant community.”

Barefoot Wines sponsored the 17th Annual Jingle Eve event this year. They provided wine and cups at the majority of the wine stops as their sponsor. Campbell says, “They attended last year’s event and loved it, so they approached us to get involved directly. We’ve also featured them as a sponsor at a past lake cleanup, and now this year’s Jingle Eve event.”

Worthy Cause Marketing

The Founders of Barefoot Wines, Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey, co-wrote a book called The Barefoot Spirit. The most interesting aspect of the success of their business comes from their business practices of Worthy Cause Marketing. They believe that by helping the causes that fit their interests would benefit everyone involved. In addition to high standards of customer service, the book states, “It’s both a moral stand and a good business choice to put your resources into a cause you believe in, even if the cause isn’t completely popular–yet. A start-up business and a start-up cause make good partners.”


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