Photo Credit: Jessica Northey

Megan Clark Jewelry from the Winter Park Sidewalk Arts Festival Photo Credit: Jessica Northey

Top Four Highlights of the Winter Park Sidewalk Arts Festival

The details: reports the event details. Held on March 15-17 between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The festival is located at Central Park, Winter Park, Fla. Located at the cross roads of North Park Avenue and West Morse Boulevard.

Jewelry Galleries Plentiful at the Festival

The festival included 12 artist booths for fiber artwork category  Each of the creative fiber booths made fashion into wearable artwork. However, it was the jewelry artist category that had the most booths out of the two for wearable artwork. The jewelry category had 25 artists on display. Megan Clark is a jewelry artist. This is her first year having a booth at the festival and won a merit award. Clark is from Raleigh, North Carolina and she studied jewelry design at Savannah College of Art and Design. Clark has been creating jewelry for over 12 years. She created the necklace in the photo from a process using titanium metal. This process includes anodizing the material with electrolytes using voltage, which brings out the different colors from the metal. Clark describes her favorite part of the festival, “It’s neat how I get to meet the people who are buying my jewelry as well as the other artists.”

The History of the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival

This year marks the festival’s 54th year anniversary. A local guest, Dawna Dawson, says it is her first year coming to the festival. Dawson was searching for a large painting for her bedroom. She plans to return the next day without her daughter who was worn out from all of the fun festivities in the Children’s Workshop area of the festival. On the other side of the festival with four bags in hand, Caryn and her husband, have been coming to the festival for eight years from St. Petersburg, Fla. They have mostly been shopping for jewelry, fashion, and art. The couple travels to many festivals and said that this festival has the best artwork available. They highly recommend eating at the restaurants along Park Avenue as well.

Prestigious Reputation

The 54th Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival magazine gives a brief description of the history. It is the “nation’s most prestigious outdoor art festivals, consistently rated one of the top such shows in the country.” Over 350,000 guests visited the festival over the weekend and traveled from all over the country to be there.

Artist Booths are Competitive

According to the festival magazine, only 225 artists are chosen to exhibit their artwork in a booth at the festival. Each of the artists that had a booth also competed for awards; such as cash, permanent display of their work at the public library in Winter Park, and awards such as the “Art of Philanthropy” and more. Clark added, “It’s a great festival and hard to get a booth because of the prestigious reputation.”

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Additional artists at the festival:


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